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    The Divine Exchange Course Outline

    September 8th, 2021

    Welcome to The Divine Exchange Wisdom School! This course furthers what is covered in our Introductory Wisdom School and sets out a simple, easily digestible framework for the metaphysics of our Wisdom understanding, which is one of exchange. Furthering the self-transformational work from the Introductory Wisdom School, this course lives into its name by adding detail and nuance to that metaphysical framework, to bring it to a well-rounded and engagingly direct fullness.

     Along the way, in true Wisdom fashion, Cynthia Bourgeault’s thoughtful teaching is accompanied by contemplative and embodied practices to help you take that teaching into your body. We will look at Wisdom roadmaps from antiquity, how Jesus’ Gospel teaching echoes those, and more, including bringing in teachers like Teilhard de Chardin and Ilia Delio.

    As in the Introductory Wisdom School, here you are invited to set aside time for The Divine Exchange while integrating it into your life. We hope that through this course you will understand, at an embodied level, that exchange is the ground of the Wisdom path, then incorporate that into how you live.

    This course follows the traditional framework of Cynthia's Wisdom Schools, and the course structure reflects that. Each week’s module will include:

    1. Introduction to the week's study, including the inner task and the chant for the week
    2. The week's study
    3. The transcript for the week's study
    4. The week's contemplative practice page
    5. The week's online discussion

    Week One:  Welcome and Course Introduction

    Week Two: Exchange in the Teachings of Jesus

    Week Three: Surrender as a Pathway of Exchange

    Week Four: The Divine Alchemy

    Week Five: Trinity as a Mandala of the Divine Exchange

    Week Six: Questions and Responses, and the Elm Dance

    Week Seven: Substituted Love: The Eucharist as a Pathway of Divine Exchange

    Week Eight: Anointing Ceremony Preparations, and Mary Magdalene as Apostle

    Week Nine: Anointing Ceremony

    Week Ten: The Exchange: A Teilhardian Perspective

    Week Eleven: Christian Tonglen

    Week Twelve: Questions and Responses, and Closing Meditations

    Week Thirteen: What are We Here For? The Larger Cosmic Roadmap

    Week Fourteen: The Eucharist Celebration

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