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    Mary Magdalene Course Outline

    September 13th, 2021

    Mary Magdalene: Apostle to Our Own Times is an opportunity to see one of Christianity’s most courageous women, featured prominently in the Gospel story, more clearly. Join Cynthia Bourgeault as she brings to light what made Mary Magdalene one of Jesus’ most important and beloved disciples. Discover her legacy as an apostle to our times—revealing a path of conscious love that we too are invited to walk. 

     Each weekly module includes:

    • An audio teaching by Cynthia. In conversation with one of her students, Brie Stoner, Cynthia responds to questions that take us deeper into contemplative understanding.
    • A contemplative practice 
    • Questions for group discussion
    • Prompts for personal reflection


    The weekly topics cover:

    Week One: Mary Magdalene: The Making of a False Myth

    Week Two: Apostle to the Apostles: Mary Magdalene in the Canonical Gospels

    Week Three: Nondual Master: Mary Magdalene in the Wisdom Gospels

    Week Four: Mary Magdalene and the Escape from Egoic Consciousness

    Week Five: The Path of Conscious Love

    Week Six: Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and the Sacrament of Love

    Week Seven: Mary Magdalene: Apostle to Our Times

    Week Eight: Reclaiming Mary Magdalene in Christian Liturgy


    Additional Resources

    • Making the Mary Magdalene Course
    • Cynthia Describing Her Hermitage
    • References used in the course
    • The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 16

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