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    Clearing Your Browser's Cache

    July 19th, 2019

    Logging in sometimes requires you to reset your password (see our article "What If My Password Doesn't Work? or I forgot my password."). If your browser happens to automatically populate your password field with an old password that no longer works - something that can happen without your being able to detect it - it will be necessary to clear your browser's cache. You can suspect that this may be the issue if you have gone through the process of resetting your password but it is still not working.

    Please follow the link below for instructions on how to clear your browser's cache. NOTE: this process is for your clearing your cache only. Do not choose to clearing cookies, browsing history, saved passwords, or other data. Instead, wherever possible, choose options to clear your cache only.

    If you are not using one of these browsers to access your course, we recommend switching to one of these on a laptop or desktop for best results.

    Clear cache for Chrome

    Clear cache for Firefox

    Clear cache for Safari (MacOS users)

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