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    Interior Castle Course Outline

    September 7th, 2021

    A spiritual journey on the seven mansions of St. Teresa of Ávila’s Interior Castle with guides James Finley and Mirabai Starr.


    This rich, multi-media online course is based on James Finley’s many years of reading, meditating, and leading retreats on this 16th century mystic. Drawing from her work translating the Spanish text, Mirabai Starr reveals the essence of Teresa and her message. The course includes exclusive teachings, expanded commentary, additional articles, videos, and audio recordings. Each week, new themes facilitate a deepening and ongoing journey, personally and collaboratively with other course participants.


    In this engaging, 8-week online course, you will have opportunities to:

    • Access exclusive video teachings by James Finley and Mirabai Starr
    • Learn why Teresa of Ávila is a revered spiritual writer and teacher
    • Discuss course content with fellow learners from around the world
    • Participate in guided study through the course material
    • Immerse in personal reflection and contemplative practice
    • Explore new material every week
    • Hear Teresa of Ávila’s writing read both in Spanish and in English
    • Review supplemental material (audio, video, articles, books, etc.) to deepen your spiritual journey


    These offerings are exclusive to this course. We are excited to be able to offer life-long students the opportunity to learn from master teachers James Finley and Mirabai Starr.


    Each week includes:

    • Opening Contemplative Practice
    • Course Teaching for that week
    • Personal Reflection Questions
    • Sharing in Group Discussion
    • Closing Contemplative Practice


    Week One: Welcome and Introduction 

    Week Two: Context and Essence of Teresa of Ávila

    Week Three: Mansions 1 - 4 

    Week Four: Mansions 3 - 4 

    Week Five: 4th Mansion 

    Week Six: Mansions 4 - 5 

    Week Seven: Mansions 7 - 6 

    Week Eight: Mansions 6 - 7 


    Resources referenced in the course:

    • Teresa of Ávila: A Brief Biography
    • Readings from the Interior Castle
    • Personal Reflection Questions
    • Optional Reading on Teresa of Ávila


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