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    How to Turn Closed Captioning On and Off

    Several CAC Online Education e-courses offer CC now

    The CAC's Online Education program is adding closed captioning for their teaching videos.  Most of our courses offer this functionality now.

    The "cc" indication on the video frame itself, in its lower right corner, tells you that closed captioning is available.  Click on the "cc" to choose English - or none.  In other words, choosing English, the language option for closed captioning for these videos, will allow you to see English language captioning when the video plays. "None" will turn off closed captioning.

    Also notice that where there is closed captioning, we also provide transcripts.  Transcript links are listed below videos that have closed captioning.

    Choose "CC" with your cursor in the lower right corner of the video.


    Click on "CC" and then choose "English (United States)" to turn on closed captioning.



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