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    Understanding And Navigating Discussions

    June 10th, 2021

    • To add a new Discussion post/thread, click on the "Reply" button just under the Discussion text, and add a title in bold text at the top of your "Reply."
    • To reply directly to another group member's post, click on the "Reply" button at the bottom of their post, and that will keep you in that thread.
    • To follow a Discussion, click on the green "Subscribe" button (below right).
    • To scroll to contract a Discussion into thread titles, click on the up arrow.  To expand to see all posts again, click on the down arrows. See examples of this below.
    • To delete or edit one of your postings, click on the three-dot menu to the right of the top of your post and choose Delete or Edit. See the example below.
    • To go to the top of a thread, click on any posting and choose "Go To Parent". See the example below.
    • If you would like to private message another group member or cohort member, please go to the "Inbox" on the far left navigation bar.

    Using up and down arrows to show thread reply counts and to re-expand postings.

    Above the Reply button at the top of a Discussion are up and down arrows that allow collapsing or expanding Discussion threads:

    Unread replies, by thread

    Clicking the up arrow will collapse the threads in the Discussion and show the number of replies and the number of unread replies. In this example the first thread has three replies and three unread replies. The second thread has two replies and two unread replies. We obfuscated the personal info here, and in the platform you will see the author and the first line of text:

    Telling one thread from another

    Clicking the down arrow re-expands the threads. You can tell where one thread ends and the next begins by the break between the bounding boxes of the two threads:

    Deleting Or Editing One Of Your Postings

    You can delete or edit one of your postings by clicking the three-dot menu to the right at the top of the posting, and choosing the appropriate option:

    Go To The Top Of A Thread

    To get to the top of a thread, click the three-dot menu to the right of any posting and choose Go To Parent:

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