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    Finding Units That Aren’t In Your Dashboard

    September 25th, 2020

    Some Living School Units may not be showing up in your dashboard as you expected.

    The reason you aren’t able to find those Units in the way you normally see them is that a change made to Canvas in mid-2020 is now marking Units that pass their end date with this new setting in place as “Completed.” For courses that passed their end date before this new setting was in place, they were not marked “Completed.”


    In Canvas, Completed courses are not shown in the dashboard.

    In this example, Unit Four has been marked Completed and does not show up in this dashboard.


    To see Completed courses, please click the Courses icon (it’s in the left-hand navigation menu right under the dashboard icon), then click “All Courses.”

    In the resulting screen you will see all Units that have passed their end date in the “Past Enrollments” list, and that will include Completed Units.


    Note that Completed courses cannot be re-added to your Dashboard by clicking the star to the left of the course name, because they are no longer active.

    If you try to click that star for a Completed course, you will get this message:

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