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    Troubleshooting Audio and Video

    April 15th, 2021

    Below you will find some suggestions for troubleshooting your audio/visual issue:

    • If you have low or no sound, please check:

      • Are your speakers on? (At some point, we all forget to turn on our speakers.

      • If you have checked that your speakers are on, please check that the volume is turned up on your device.

      • If there are blue bars at the bottom right of the video itself, have you slid them all the way to the right so that the sound is maximized?

      • Have you tried using earphones to eliminate ambient sound? 

    • Do you have any "add-ons” installed on your web browser? This can disrupt the playing of a video. If you are unsure, just Google "how to turn off add-ons in [whatever internet browser you use]?”

    • Which browser were you using? We recommend that online learners use Firefox or Chrome for our courses.

    • It's a remote chance, and the issue may be your sound card; to locate the issue watch this video

    • If you are still unable to access the audio or video after trying all of the suggestions above, please email for additional help.

    Note: Adobe is no longer supporting Flash Player and they recommend uninstalling it.

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